About Wine Trip project
The Wine Trip website offer tours selected by experts and winemakers. Check out each winery, compare and choose the tour according to your tastes and preferences. Next, book the selected tour, specifying the number of visitors, language, date and time of your visit.

In Moldovan wineries you will get acquainted with the amazing wine regions, wineries, castles and Chateau. You will visit the world famous wine cellars and you'll see record collections of wine, taste quality wines from wine cellars, discover the secrets of production of the best wines of the world.
You will learn to understand the features and tastes of wines, to distinguish notes, shades and aftertaste, to feel the bouquet and aroma.
A bottle of wine contains more philosophy than all the books in the world.
Louis Pasteur


The Wine Trip project aims to use modern informational sales technologies, combined with huge experience and high qualification of our employees that enabling the operative procesing of information, for providing quality service. We will be glad to have constant feedback from you. We havea big pleasure to be always in touch with our partners and ou customers, that help us to be better. Being always as open as possible is one of our main goals and objectives. We will do our best tobe a platform thet offers safety, comfort in use and the most advantageous offers.


Our daily work is based on such values as reliability, quality and efficiency. Reliability is the top key that worries the customer today in the first place! For us, reliability is a personal responsibility of the company and each employee targeted to customers and partners. Professionalism allows us to be operational. After all, we are well versed in our offers, we know what and how much it costs, what are the distances between cities, where to go on specific dates. We will make you an offer that is extremely difficult to refuse!


Based on the Wine Trip platform, we plan to expand the range of services for tourists and guests of Moldova: - Booking of agropension; - Ordering wine tasting in wine bars; - Event tickets; - Transport.