Privacy policy and terms of use of personal data


The document with legal power represents only the version in Romanian language of the Privacy Policy and the translation is made exclusively for the comfort of the user. If some deviances appear between the Romanian version and the translation of the document, the Romanian version is considered to have priority.
This Privacy policy (together with the terms and conditions on use and other mentioned documents) creates the basis for the procession of personal data which are obtained from the users or which are provided by the users for being processed.

The policy is applied for the website of "Wine Trip" S.R.L. company (further "Wine Trip" company). "Wine Trip" company which complies with the requirements on protection of confidential data of users and through this policy we want to inform you about the rules on collecting, using and protection of personal data about the registered visitors and users of web site. Personal information represents the information with the help of which it can be established the identity of a person as: Names Surnames Patronymics, e-mail, telephone, postal address etc. Using web site, You agree the conditions described in this document.

Information on owner site is provided by "Wine Trip" SRL company.
The company is registered in the Republic of Moldova with IDNO 1018600040154.
Legal address: MD-2038,  mun. Chişinău, str. Melestiu 26/10 of. (ap) 74, and mail address: MD-2012, mun. Chişinău, 63 Vlaicu Pîrcălab str, SKY TOWER Business Center.

Information collection
"Wine Trip" company can perform the collection and processing of the following data on users: information provided by You by filling in the forms on web site or our applications, subscription to our service, material posting and requirement for additional services.

We also we can require information that you agree to participate to competitions or to our promotion actions, when reporting a problem in the activity of website or of applications; documentary mail with you.; details about the services you are interested; details on visiting website or applications, including data about traffic, location, web journals and other communication data in the case when it is necessary for the own calculation or for other reasons, as well as the resources you access; information if you have opened our messages of e-mail and their content; information on your computer., including IP address, operation system, browser type and identification code and the information obtained from cookie files. For additional information, please read more information in the Policy on cookie files. This information cannot permit us to identify you.
"Wine Trip" company requires you to introduce personal information for a search on web sites or applications or/and when passing to third sites.

When registering on, we recommend you to provide personal information as:
Complete name and e-mail address; information on your preferences on transport and hotel, date of leave, coming back, number of persons, birth data, including children in order to keep them for the next use; information on travel partners. You have to get the consent of other persons before providing personal data and their travel preferences because any access to view or the change of their information will be possible only by your profile.
If you keep information about children, do you agree the fact that we will process these data on their behalf.

Social networks
If you decide to connect using profile data of Facebook or Google+,, in this case do you agree that will use and keep this information together with the profile, so that to be able to use the functions of social networks on web site and our applications.

Social network can send information in compliance with its norms, as: complete name, profile photo, gender, lists of friends and other information which you have chosen to be available. It there can be delivered other information on recommendations made between you and your friends. Thus, please be informed that if your friends on Facebook and Google+use the resources of, they can distribute information about you by connecting to the system through Facebook or Google+. If you don’t want to allow a transfer of information like this, you can change the privacy settings on Facebook and Google+ or relevant preferences from other social networks.
Mandatory or optional fields for the required data are correspondingly marked.

Information use
The goal of processing your data is the following: verification of authorization for accessing particular functions of the site; getting the applications of goods and services; making personal and adjusting the content and proposals on relevant touristic services; optimization and personalization of visits through saving the settings on location, language and currency, and data about previous searches; contacting users (for example, if you have subscribed to an information bulletin); improvement of the quality of services; realization of reports.

Information exchange and its disclosure
We will never sell personal data to third parties. "Wine Trip" company offers information about you in the following situations: i) for providing the required goods and services, including goods and services from third persons as: providers; business partners; web sites for access; branches of companies; in compliance with the requirements of law; ii) or upon your permission. also distributes data about you in the following situations: makes appeal to third providers (data processors) for contributing to the provision of our goods and services and can transmit information on personal identification to sellers/providers who have signed a contract with "Wine Trip" which protects the privacy of your information and permits the seller to use it strictly for the execution of the contract; we can disclose personal information for the mentioned above purposes to the members of our group which are our branches, mother company and daughter companies, her (branches).

It also includes legal persons which can be bought within a future procurement of companies; as the answer to summons, court orders, legal proceedings, as well as for establishing or using our legal rights; when we consider that is necessary to offer information for the purpose of investigation, prevention of making decisions in the case of some illegal actions, suspected fraud, potential threats for the health and life of people, failure to comply with the Conditions on Use of and in other cases provided by law.

Data maintenance
All personal data are kept on secured servers.
Data we collect from you can be transmitted and kept out of the European Economic Space (EES). Data can be transferred to other third party as it is established in this Policy. Additionally, data can be processed by the staff which operates out of EES which works for us or our providers. By transmitting personal data, you accept its transmission, maintaining and processing. We will undertake all the necessary and reasonable measures for ensuring the access in a complete safety of your data in compliance with this privacy policy.

According to legal requirement we can need to keep your data in a particular location, depending on the location you access the services of

Irrespective of the storage location, we will undertake reasonable measures for protecting the safety of your personal data.

In other countries it is possible that different norms (more strict) on the protection of privacy and data safety if compared with your country. As the result, personal information can be the subject of requests of access from the states, courts or law enforcement in compliance with the in force law from those countries.

Links for third sites
"Wine Trip" offers the links to third sites, for ex., according to search which can be offered for the goods and services of third parties. If you chose to visit a web site of a third party or to use its goods and services, please be informed that your actions and information delivered to third parties will be not the subject of this privacy policy. We recommend you to read and analyze the privacy policy of third sites you visit. We don’t assume any responsibility for the content of the sites to which we offer the links.

Privacy and safety
"Wine Trip" offers access to personal information of users only to its staff which according to the company has to have in a legal manner this information for providing to users goods and services or for being able to perform their activity.

"Wine Trip" applies in a reasonable manner procedural and technic measures for protecting personal information of users against loss, wrong use, non-authorized access or disclosure. Although no site or application can guarantee the absolute security we have implemented the corresponding procedures of administrative, technical and physical security for protecting personal information. We also use encryption for the transmission of personal information between your and our system.

The security of payments is ensured by the use of the SSL protocol for transmitting confidential information offered by the client to the system server for the further processing. The information processing is made by closed bank channels with the highest protection.

Confidential information offered by the clients is received in encrypted form (card data, registration data etc.) and it is processed at the processing center. Thus, no one even the service provider cannot get the bank data of the client, including the information about the goods purchased at the shop units.

Information exchange between the users of
If you decide to include in comments, opened text fields or other areas of the web site or applications designated for public view information which can identify you, other users will be able to see and use this information. We recommend not posting in this way the address of your e-mail and other information which permit the identification of personal data if you want to avoid non desired contacts.

Getting, view and redaction of personal information
We will offer the possibility to receive and change particular information on the registration page of the web site or in the application. Upon your request we will deactivate your profile and will eliminate your personal information from the active service. Your profile will be disconnected as soon as possible depending on the activity of your account.

We will keep in our files and database some personal information for preventing fraud, settlement of litigations, settlement of issues, assistance for investigation, mandatory observation and execution of the Conditions on Use and legal requirements. Thus, you have not base on the fact that all personal information will be eliminated completely from our database as the response to your request.

Amendments to this privacy policy
"Wine Trip" has the right to update this privacy policy. We will notify you about the significant amendments and management of personal information by a written notice to the e-mail address which is specified in the profile of or will announce on our site.

Cookie files site installs on computer cookie files and access them. A cookie file represents a small volume of data which the server transmits to your browser and they can be read only by the server

When you visit the site, the cookie file collects particular session data for optimizing the site use and if you want to save the name and password of a registered user, the website will keep this information in a cookie file so that not to connect each time when vising the site. You can deactivate or erase cookie files from the web browser, accessing the settings of security or privacy.

However, according to the security norms of, the cookie files should be activated for providing access to particular areas of the web site.
"Wine Trip" can allow to other companies which post advertisement on our sites to place on the computers of users the cookie files and to access them. The use of cookie files by other companies is regulated by the privacy policies of those companies. Other companies have no access to cookie files of

Web sites of use the cookie files and other files of data (called „ cookie files”) which meet the objective of the directive of EU „On confidentiality of electronic data”. uses cookie files, including information on IP addresses for the following purposes:
Technical operation which permits the registration of preferences of users in connection to the access to site and their functions; traffic evaluation for determining the number of the site visitors for keeping relevant grounds in compliance with the general accepted branch standards; for the advertisement (oriented to advertisement cookie files).

What kind of information does the cookie files collect?
Cookie files are used for the mentioned above objectives for collecting the information on the number of site visitors and its traffic. This fact permits to site in a proper way to adapt the content and the advertisement and to do the statistics of visits on the site. Additionally, some cookie files serve for permitting the users to recommend pages in social networks. They also permit us and our agency of advertisement to present to users relevant announces which could represent an interest for them.

Beside, the access to collected data through cookie files has our partners of digital collaboration who are responsible of the technical support of the site. The information is not disclosed to other third parties. You can anytime to renounce to cookie files as it is described below. uses cookie files, including information on IP address for the following objectives:

The operation of cookie files permits to sites and our applications to memorize your choice and preferences, allows us to provide you the improved and personalized features. Cookie files of direction facilitate in using directional advertisement.
These files are used for posting announces which contain prices for the tickets and hotels which in our opinion could interest you. It is possible to see these announces while using another site than We create our advertisement companies using a relevant content, because we want to help you to book the perfect touristic services for you.

How to delete cookie files and to avoid their installation?
As the user you can decide whether accept or to delete all cookie files or to install settings individually for each web site. You also can deactivate completely the use of cookie. You can set/specify the individual parameters in the browser settings.

Please be informed that if you delete cookie file, the access to site can become more or less limited and the operation can be insufficient.